14 Ways to Increase Your Rankings and Keep it High

Below are 14 ways that you can use to either increase your rankings or to keep your ranking high in the search engine’s organic listing.

1. Content, content content.

At the end of the day, you are writing, promoting and selling to your users.

And that’s why you have to create EVERYTHING with the best content possible. This includes your website, your products and your service.

A common misconception here is to create the best of everything but many people ended up not taking action at all. Remember that “best” is relevant. What’s “best” for beginner might not be “best” for an expert.

So what’s “best” then? It’s the one that your customer need. Answer their question to the best of your ability to create your content.

When you do, so, you’ll get voted as the “best” because you solve their problems.

2. Research the right keywords for your customers.

You need to know how your customer think. And how they use search engine to find the information that they’re looking for.

Think on your customer’s shoes. Ask yourself questions “What keywords or phrases are your customers going to use to look for … ”

Brainstorm some keywords and use keyword research tool to evaluate your keyword ideas. Then write for the one that is the most popular.

3. Pick one primary keyword and several secondary keywords.

This step is a follow up from step #2. The keyword that you pick from step #2 will be your primary keyword. Next, find several more secondary keywords (3-4 keywords) and start writing your content.

Without sacrificing the article that you’re writing, put the primary and secondary keywords within the first sentence and last sentence on your article. Sprinkle them out throughout the article if possible as well.

Doing this will make your article more search engine friendly.

4. Put keywords on the appropriate fields.

There are a lot of places where you can put your keywords in such as the Title tag, meta tags and headers.

A lot of people put their keywords on EVERY fields. And do you know what this screams? Spam to the search engine!

Put keywords on the fields that you think are appropriate, not on all of them.

5. Have a simple, clean website design.

Keep your website design simple for your customers. Make them navigate easily between web pages and make it easy for them to find and buy your products and services.

You don’t need to be a world class designer or hire one. For starters, in general, a black text on top of a white background works best.

Make sure to label every navigation links clearly and have a sitemap in case your visitors get lost.

6. Submit webpages to directories.

After writing several posts and content, you can promote your site by submitting to directories manually.

Try submitting to article directories and other directories so that the search engine will be able to find your site better. You can hire someone to do this for you but be sure that they’re doing manual submission, not automatic.

7. Keep learning about search engine algorithms.

Search engine algorithms change from year to year. Always keep track of their change and learn from the changes that they make.

Adjust your website design, content and structure to make it as search engine friendly as possible. Use a tracking tool if necessary. This will keep your site ranking high and will make you monitor your site better in search engine index.

8. Learn from your competitors.

The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned comes from my competitors. Study the top ranked sites on your niche and see what they’re doing right.

Pay attention to their design, navigation, keywords, content and any little things that you can scrutinize.

Then adapt and implement it to your site. Remember, success leave clues.

9. Analyze your traffic.

Read the traffic reports on your site. Analyze where they’re coming from (location and sites). Do most of your visitors come from the search engine? Other websites? Analyze your links and the keywords they use to find you.

When you know those things, you can then optimize your marketing campaign to target those traffic sources and keywords.

Your marketing will become more efficient with this method.

10. Be present, everywhere.

Make it easy for your customers to find you and your site. Be present everywhere for them.

Join social media, give away free reports, coupons and newsletter. Stay in touch via email marketing.

Remember that it takes you 7 times for a person to remember you. Be everywhere for them and always, always, always provide them with great quality content.

11. Contribute to other sites.

One of the best way to show that you’re capable in your industry is by writing articles on other websites. You can link back to your site from articles that you write on other website.

Doing this will make you perceived as an expert on your field and you’ll get trust and credibility from your customers. At the same time, this increases your visibility as well which goes hand in hand with tips #10.

12. Make it simple for your customers to buy from you.

A lot of people and marketers use a very complex online payment system. This will make it hard for their customer to buy from them and they’ll lose sales.

Use simple payment and shipment methods and always strive to make your customer’s purchasing experience fast and easy.

13. Hire professionals.

If you’re not sure about how something works, hire a professional. It might be costly up front but it will pay off at the end (given you hired the right professional).

You want to immediately see what things work and what things don’t work as soon as possible. The worst thing that you don’t want to see happening is you build a website which no one visits!

14. Be interactive.

Gone are the days when people view websites as a brochure. With today’s technology, websites are becoming more and more interactive.

Make your website to be as interactive as possible. Let people comments on your article and interact with each other. Answer their questions and concern. Have an FAQ page.

Treat your site as a real store with you as the owner.

There are definitely more ways than 14 listed here to increase your rankings in the search engine listings but hopefully those tips will give you a good start.

Remember, always strive for customer satisfaction. Never compromise your quality and ethic, ever.

And may you be blessed with high search engine rankings.

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