4 Great Ways to Generate Content for eZine

Creating an online newsletter or eZine can be the most valuable thing that you can do for your subscribers. You can show them that you have real value to offer to them and you can convert them from subscribers to fans.

Doing so will give you a higher conversion rate which in turns equals to more profit.

However, many people often get stuck writing their eZine content. This is because they often run out of ideas when writing content or as we usually know in the writing jargon, they encountered a “writer’s block.”

But there is a cure to that writer’s block.

This article will show you some great ways that you can use to produce great quality eZine content as well as cure your writer’s block.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Know That eZine Content Can be Categorized Into 4 Categories

There are plenty of content that you can write for eZine but they be categorized into 4 major ones. Here they are:

a. Factual Content. Or you can call this news. With this content, you basically inform your subscribers on the latest happening in your niche. You have to be active in finding news that are share-worthy. Keep in mind that you need to add your own experience to the news. Your subscribers don’t want to see just the news, but also your opinion since they view you as an expert in your niche.

b. Short Tips. You can share some quick tips that you feel people can use. For example, if you are in photography niche, you might write an eZine with the title “4 Steps You Can Do Today to Get Better Pictures.” The tips need to be short – don’t create an essay here. And they must be actionable. Do this and you will get respect from your subscribers.

c. Mini Stories. Telling stories can be a great way to build rapport with your subscribers. You can tell them your stories about how you get involved in your niche, what makes you create the website in your niche, etc. A story of your failure and success will appeal to many people as well. We’re all human and we’d like to know and learn from other’s mistake and experience. And story is the best way to present it. You don’t need to go overboard with the stories here, just keep it short and simple.

d. Case Studies. Case studies is another great way to build rapport with your audience. For a case study to be effective, you need to include your original goal, what steps you took and what result you get. By sharing your findings honestly with your subscribers, you will command their respect.

2.Interview an Expert or Leader in Your Topic or Niche

If you are stuck writing your own content, you can ask an expert in your niche for an interview.

This is a great way to generate content because it’s a win-win for you and the expert. You get content, exposure AND now you’re associated with an expert in your field!

The expert gain more publicity by your interview.

Interviews are usually conducted on the basis of mutual trust and connections. But sometimes you can pay to interview someone. I’d personally will avoid paying someone for an interview because I am looking to build a long term connection for people that I interviewed.

I have to caution you that you might be rejected for the first try. But don’t give up on your first try and keep trying. Make them response to your email by showing them that you are very eager to have them for an interview. If your email did not get reply on the first try, send a second one. Remember to always be polite and show them your eagerness.

3. Get Someone Else to Write Your Content

If you have less time but have money to spend, you can easily hire a ghostwriter to write the content for you. You can simply go to any outsourcing sites such as eLance or oDesk for this.

However, make sure you know what kind of quality you expect from them. Look for a native English speaker there and be crystal clear on what you expect from them. Send them your very best article for them to model on. Never pay too low – you always get what you pay for.

4. Get Content from Public Domain

Another underused method for content generation is using public domain. Anything that is put in a public domain means that it is not protected under the US copyright law.

Copyright has a time duration. And public domain collects all the materials whose copyright has expired. This can include all works published before 1923 and up to 1978.

You can find reports, articles and books there.

When you use something from public domain, my recommendation is to republish, repackage and rebrand it to make it unique to your style.

You can save a lot of time, energy and money by using content from a public domain.

Hopefully by now you’ll realize that generating content for your eZine is not as hard as you might initially think. Try any of the methods above and find which one you like and keep on the habit of producing good eZine content.

And you’ll be rewarded with loyal and raving followers.

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