9 Best SEO Practices to Follow

Here are 9 tips that you can follow to increase your organic search engine rankings. You should integrate them on your SEO campaign for maximum results.

1. Establish your expertise and authority.

What are your strengths? What makes you, your site and your business different from millions of websites out there? Answer those questions before you start posting anything on your site. Your site must be set up to place you as an authority and expert on your subject.

And don’t fake it! People can smell amateur pretending to be an expert miles away.

2. Plan your site structure.

A good website layout will improve visitors usability and it will also make the search engine’s job easier. If your site does not have clear structure, you’ll frustrate both your visitors and the search engine.

Have a clear navigation bar and sitemap. Organize your blog post by date, show people what are the most popular content on your site. Make it easy for them to browse around your site and to look for information that they’re searching for.

3. Do your research.

Research your competition. What are they offering? What can be improved from their offer? Can you provide it to your customer? Do your research on your competition to get a good understanding on the battlefield for your niche.

Research your customers. Do you know what they want? What are their problems that need to be solved fast? Go to a forum and open up a thread. Ask them what they need help on and then start crafting solutions for them.

4. Pick relevant keywords.

What words will your customers or prospects be using for when trying to search a solution for their problem? Jot down a list of keywords and check the volume and competition on Google Adwords tool. Try to include those relevant keywords in several sections of your post such as the title, description tags and heading tags.

5. Be Search Engine Friendly.

Make your site as search engine friendly as possible. Include a sitemap. Include RSS feed. Ping the big sites once you’re done making a post. Have a good navigational structure.

If you make the search engine happy, you’ll make your visitors happy.

6. Focus, focus, focus.

Focus on discussing the topic at hand. Don’t get distracted and discuss non-related issues. For example, don’t discuss what you had for lunch when you’re talking about internet marketing.

The best way to do this is to just focus on answering one specific problem on one page. Do this and your site will be very laser focused.

7. Get into directories.

With the current age of the search engine, you don’t have to manually submit your site to the most popular ones. However, there are some very popular directories that is worth joining such as the DMOZ and Yahoo directories.

Joining them (if your site is accepted) will boost your site credibility and reputation in front of the search engine’s eye.

8. Build links to your site.

This is the bread and butter of off-site SEO. If you don’t build links, you are not doing SEO. Be an active person in the internet community. Contribute to blogs and social media. Be a guest speaker. Interview an expert on your field. And don’t forget to leave your links to all of those sites.

Doing this will certainly increase your exposure, credibility and reputation in front of your audience.

Now remember not to spam here. Don’t just blindly get links from unrelated sites. Provide real value and content – EVERYWHERE you go online.

9. Repeat the above steps.

SEO is a turtle’s race. Slow and steady wins the race.

Keep practicing the steps above and keep repeating it. Test on what works and what doesn’t. Keep doing what works and stop doing what doesn’t work until you achieve the result that you want.

Don’t give up too early, there will be gold at the end of the tunnel.

Remember that content matters a lot in the world of SEO. The internet, unfortunately is filled with both amazing and junk content. You want your content to be filled with amazing content for your visitors to see.

Finally, the goal of SEO is to not build links again BECAUSE your visitors, customers and fans are happily sharing your content with the rest of the world. Focus on their needs first, provide a solution to their problems and they’ll reward you big time later on.

Hope you’ve enjoyed those 9 SEO best practices and can put it to immediate use for your business. I wish you all the best for your SEO campaign.

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