Paid Advertising vs. Link Building for SEO

The rate of information growth is so much faster than the user growth on the internet. This is one reason why the competition for online business is so fierce. Due to the nature of this fierce competition, many business compete for traffic. In this article, we’ll look at 2 of the most common ways to […]

4 Great Ways to Generate Content for eZine

Creating an online newsletter or eZine can be the most valuable thing that you can do for your subscribers. You can show them that you have real value to offer to them and you can convert them from subscribers to fans. Doing so will give you a higher conversion rate which in turns equals to […]

SEO 101: Off Page SEO

Now we know that the goal of SEO is to rank your site in the organic result of Google. We also know that we achieve this by doing On Page and Off Page SEO. We’ve discussed the On Page SEO factors, let’s dive in to talking about the Off Page Factors. Off Page SEO Defined […]

6 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Stay Away From

Back in the old days, it is possible to fool or spam the search engine using black hat techniques so that your website or page will get high rankings in the search results. Thankfully, Google (and other search engines as well) are frequently updating their algorithm to penalize spammers. Spammers do deserve the penalty. If […]

The Most Important Thing for Your Site

Buried with the technical side of SEO, graphic design, CSS and HTML, many people tend to forget about the most important thing on the web. That thing is content. People forgot that the reason their visitors come to their site looking for something. And that thing is content. Content is and will always be the […]

SEO 101: 5 Steps for Easy On Page SEO

Writing excellent content on your site is only part of the SEO game. In order for your site to attract the right kind of traffic, it must be properly optimized for the search engines using SEO. This way, the search engine can easily index, categorize and show your site in the respective position in the […]

How to Choose an SEO Service Company

The search engine is an integral part of today’s internet world. It has the power to consolidate millions of sites and find a handful of them that matches your search criteria. In fact, based on a recent study, 9 out of 10 people are using search engine when they are searching for information online. This […]

The Biggest Sin in SEO

No matter where you look, there will always be competition. In the world wide web though, competition is fiercer than in the real world. You will be competing for a place in the search engine listing for your customer’s attention. Back in the old days, you can get the attention of your customer easily because […]