How to Choose an SEO Service Company

The search engine is an integral part of today’s internet world.

It has the power to consolidate millions of sites and find a handful of them that matches your search criteria.

In fact, based on a recent study, 9 out of 10 people are using search engine when they are searching for information online.

This explosion in demand caused companies to view search engine as a lucrative opportunity to brand and advertise their business in.

And so, the explosion in demand for SEO or Search Engine Optimization follows.

More and more tech company provides SEO service due to the technical nature of SEO and due to the facts that not all people are willing to face the steep learning curve of SEO.

When you are faced with many options, you are faced with more probability to encounter scams or hoaxes. It’s a sad fact of life indeed.

When choosing an SEO company service provider, you should be really careful as there are many scams out there. Below are some guidelines to help you find a good SEO service provider while avoiding the scams and hoaxes at the same time.

1. Assess the service of the SEO company

By assessing the service, I don’t mean for you to immediately look at the package and pricing options. Instead, look for their courtesy, professionalism and manner.

Try sending an enquiry to them and see their response time.

Read their reply.

Are they responsive? Are they polite?

Those important things can be overlooked when someone is searching for an SEO company because they are too focused on the technical side of things.

After all, you will be dealing with them for quite some time. Make sure they treat you with dignity, respect and professionalism.

2. Understand the SEO takes time

You need to understand that SEO takes time. There is no overnight success with SEO, just like everything else in life.

The promise of fast SEO results can be luring and there are many companies that take advantage of this facts.

Beware when companies offer fast SEO result such as “Guaranteed 1st Google Position in 7 Days or Less!”

Those are the kind of companies that use information to mislead their clients and the one that you should avoid at all cost.

Commit to doing SEO for at least 3 to 6 months before you see any results. An honest company will tell you up front about this fact.

3. Look for No Guarantee

This might be very counterintuitive advice. In fact, we always look for guarantee when we purchase any stuff offline so what’s the deal here?

The fact is, nobody, not even Google, can guarantee your placement in the organic search results. And nobody, including me, understand the exact formula for Google or any other search engine’s algorithm.

An SEO practitioner’s jobs involves a lot of trial and errors.

Any company that claim they understand the exact formula for Google algorithm and can provide guaranteed rankings are simply lying to you outright. Be careful of the money back guarantee claim that they offer as well.

4. Ask for Reports

A good SEO company will give you reports, periodic reports. See if they offer a weekly and monthly reports to track your keywords and rankings in the search engines.

And make sure they are consistent in doing this. If you do not track your ranking, you are flying blind.

5. Look at Their Testimonials

Their testimonials can be a good way to evaluate their services. However, most companies misused this feature a lot. There are so many fake testimonials and reviews online that only acts to boost up the company’s image in front of their prospective clients.

Look at the nature of the testimonials. Do they look like they are created by real people? Are the testimonials real? Is it all praise or does it contains one or two neutral or negative feedbacks from clients?

Here’s an even better trick for testimonials: if the testimonial providers leave their contact info, be sure to contact them!

Your real interaction with their real customer will give you a good feedback on how they’re conducting their business.

6. Look at Their Pricing

Pricing is where it can get tricky.

A high price does not always mean you will get a high quality result, but low price will most likely give you lemon.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s too good to be true, then it IS.

SEO is not cheap and will get more and more expensive over time. It will cost you money in order for you to see results in.

Find a reasonably priced, honest SEO company that you can afford and test their service.

7. Look at Their Commitments

When choosing an SEO company, make sure that their main business is their SEO service, not something else.

You don’t want to deal with an SEO company whose main business is website building and only doing SEO as their part time service.

You and your company deserves full attention from an SEO company.

Don’t settle for less.

As a final note, just like SEO, choosing an SEO service company can involves some trial and errors as well.

Make sure to refer to these guide when you are in doubt about any SEO service company.

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