Paid Advertising vs. Link Building for SEO

The rate of information growth is so much faster than the user growth on the internet. This is one reason why the competition for online business is so fierce.

Due to the nature of this fierce competition, many business compete for traffic. In this article, we’ll look at 2 of the most common ways to get traffic in terms of SEO: Paid Advertising and Traditional Link Building.

1. Paid Advertising

There are 2 forms of paid advertising: paying for ads on major sites on the internet and PPC (pay per click).

Business pay for ads on major sites on the internet with the hope that they will get a slice of their large traffic. This might include banner ads, advertorials, etc.

Other business might use PPC which stands for Pay Per Click. PPC requires no startup cost. You only pay for the amount of traffic that clicks your ad.

PPC is popular because it is often employed with search engine such as Google. With PPC, the search engine do not have to wait to rank your site. You simply pay for PPC to get in front of the queue and when your site is relevant, it will be displayed to the potential user who type in a search query.

Displaying relevant advertising for a user that type certain keywords are very effective because the users will think that they’ve “found” the result. This is much more effective than having a salesman force them to go to a website.

It’s passive, but effective at the same time.

If you want to start with paid advertising, I would recommend you to start with PPC.

2. Traditional SEO Link Building

Link building has been around even before SEO was born. On the old days, people rely on links to organize and find relevant sites.

The search engine results are largely driven by links. Whoever has more relevant, quality links will be displayed on their first page.

Nowadays, it’s very common for people to rely on search engine to find information that they are looking for. The amount of information is simply overwhelming and having to just “Google” it makes life so much easier.

So how do you get your site to rank high on Google search result, make it visible to your users and drive traffic (and profit eventually) to your site?

The answer is simple – you need links.

And you need not just regular links. You need relevant, quality links from as many sources as possible.

You need to understand the keywords that your prospects are using to find the information that they are looking for (using Google Adwords Tool) and study the market behavior.

And then you can start building the links.

There are many methods for link building but here I will only discuss two of the most popular one: Guest Blogging and Affiliate Programs.

The idea of Guest Blogging is pretty simple. You contact a blog owner and offer them to write content on their site to get a link back to your site.

This sounds simple in practice but you’ll need 2 key ingredients to make it happen: expertise and connection.

You must be viewed as an expert on your niche for people to take notice of you. Blog owners would want someone with credible reputation to post on their site.

And you must be pretty well connected to the blog owner. Although you’re an expert, they would want to connect with the “real” you. Not just someone they find on the internet. Make them feel comfortable speaking with you and sharing with you. You’ll be greatly rewarded.

Another way to build links is through affiliate programs. This only works when you have your own product or service to offer. You set up an affiliate program and ask people to sign up for it. They get commissions from you every time they make a referral.

Then they will automatically build links back to your site to promote your product. This is a very effective way to build link to your site because your affiliates will do all the hard work for you. You just need to focus on creating good products and services to offer.

Just make sure that you always, always, always check the quality of the partner. This goes for both guest blogging and affiliate programs.

Make sure the blog owner that you contact is ethical and make sure all your affiliate partners are too. Check out their site and make sure the site is related to yours. What you don’t want is getting links from some shady, unethical site – this can harm your search engine ranking.

To make those methods work in internet marketing and anything else, you need to be proactive, consistent and relevant.

When you are found by your customers, your conversion rate will be much higher, in fact, the conversion rate from SEO is much higher than any other form of advertising on the internet.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I’ll see you in the next one.

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