SEO 101: 5 Steps for Easy On Page SEO

Writing excellent content on your site is only part of the SEO game.

In order for your site to attract the right kind of traffic, it must be properly optimized for the search engines using SEO.

This way, the search engine can easily index, categorize and show your site in the respective position in the search results.

There are 2 parts of SEO: On page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO is about getting links from other site back to your site. This is a popularity contest. Sites with the most relevant, quality links will win the game.

On Page SEO on the other hand is about optimizing your website and webpages properly for the search engine so that it can easily be picked up and indexed by the search engines.

On Page SEO is not as hard as it sounds. I have outlined 5 easy steps for you to follow below.

Use them and refer back to them when you need them.

1. Do Not Spam

This is the first rule that you should always remember: Do not spam, do not spam, do not spam!

Stop stuffing keywords to your page. Stop stuffing keywords into the <title>, meta <description>, meta <keywords>, <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags!

Only use them when they’re appropriate. Do not spam your own site with keywords.

Make your site as natural as possible to the search engines.

2. Use Design Properly

Site design plays an important role in SEO, especially since the Google Panda update.

How you design your site will affect your search engine rankings. Make sure you pay attention to the following guides below.

Visible navigation bar. Your site should have a visible navigation bar that lets your user jumps from one content to another on your site.

Banner ads. Avoid putting to many banner ads above the fold. Advertising are fine as long as it does not distract your user from the main content.

Above the fold text content. Search engines feed on text. And you want to give them what they want. Your text content must be placed above the fold, before any advertisings or images.

Color balance. Make your site’s color easy to your visitors’ eye. When in doubt, choose white background and black text. It works 99% of the time. Putting too many contrasts on your site will decrease your visitors’ time on site and will affect your search engine rankings.

3. Remember, You’re Writing for Your Users

SEO is part art and part science. You are doing the technical (science) part for the search engine robots and the art part for the users.

People tend to get too caught up in the technical side of on page SEO. However, do remember that you are serving your users at the end. You are only doing the technical part to help your user find your site via the search engine.

Always remember to write with your users in mind. Have an engaging content that will blow your users away and search engine will be forced to love your site.

4. Have a Target Keywords

Keywords still play an important element in the SEO game and will always be (remember that I told you Search Engine feeds on content above?).

Pick a keyword that is helpful for your customers and put it on your page. Use only one keyword for every page and build content around that keyword.

Remember not to spam your page with that keyword.

Only use it when it’s appropriate on your page. Place your keyword strategically on these following place:

  • URL
  • Title tag
  • Meta description tag
  • Meta keyword tag
  • First sentence of the page
  • Last sentence of the page
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag
  • H3 tag

Remember to throw in some LSI or related keywords as well on your page.

5. Add Content Frequently

A properly maintainted site will maintain its search engine ranking position especially after the last Google panda and penguin updates.

Adding more content to your site will make the Google bot comes back more frequently to crawl, fetch, extract and index your content. Google and the search engines love new, fresh content.

Make a commitment to post at least twice a week to your site. Set a schedule for posting content to your site. Put it on your calendar and set a reminder in case you might forget.

That’s all there is to it for On Page SEO. Apply them to your site to make the Google bots happy!


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