The Most Important Thing for Your Site

Buried with the technical side of SEO, graphic design, CSS and HTML, many people tend to forget about the most important thing on the web.

That thing is content.

People forgot that the reason their visitors come to their site looking for something.

And that thing is content.

Content is and will always be the thing that your visitors are looking for. Not your banner ads and affiliate links.

They want your content.

The web is getting more search driven

A recent survey shows that 90% of web users are using search engine as their homepage. They are using it to find content on the internet half of the time.

Unless you’re doing a lot of paid advertising, the visitors on your site will probably come from a search engine (most likely Google).

And the traffic that are going to your site are most likely to look for information. They are not looking for your product (at least not yet).

Remember that the internet is called the ‘information highway’ not ‘product highway.’

How to successfully sell on the web

If you want to successfully sell on the web (and not annoy people) you HAVE to provide useful, relevant and educational information to your visitors. Period.

Gone are the days when you can just bluff your product and mislead your prospect with the hope that they’ll spend their hard earned money with you. People are not stupid. Don’t insult their intelligence.

The rule here is to give first, sell second.

Give what they want first (information) and show them your offer. Be a solution provider to them, not a sales person.

The more people benefit from your articles, the more sales you’ll make.

Badly rehashed garbage articles that provides no value will not get you any sales. Avoid content scraping as well. Write YOUR own content for your readers.

Think about it for a second, when you encounter a poorly written content on a site, what did you do?

You’ll most likely to hit the ‘X’ button on your browser, open up the search engine and do another search right? That’s how easy it is nowadays to ditch a content that someone does not like.

Information is not scarce, we have an abundant of it.

On the other hand, if your content is really stellar, then your visitors will more likely to stay on your site and check out what else you’re offering. This means more possibility for them to check out what products you recommend (i.e. checking your affiliate links) and more possibility for them to become a loyal subscribers (i.e. joining your mailing list).

Remember that Google is not the only traffic source online. Never underestimate the power of referral or word of mouth marketing. When your visitors love your site, they’ll more likely to refer friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues to your site.

Another important aspect of content that many SEO practitioners tend to overlook is this: you can’t fake good content.

It does not matter what your keyword is, what loophole you find in the search engine and what kind of competition you face.

If you can’t create valuable content, you’re only wasting your money and other people’s time.

But I can’t write content!

This is the most common objection that I often hear from people. They also said that they have not time for writing content.

True, writing good content is hard but you can’t use it as an excuse to not do anything about it. If you have that problems, here are 3 solutions that I recommend to you:

1. Hire a freelancer. Don’t just pick anyone cheap here. Don’t dream of spending $5 for an article and expect a Shakespearian results. Take the time to search for a good one and be willing to pay for quality. Never make any assumptions when hiring someone. Ask for their sample works and ask yourself “is this a winning article that my visitors will absolutely love?”

2. Use a speech recognition software. If you’re the kind of person who can’t type but speak well, then get a good microphone and a speech recognition software. I recommend looking at the Dragon dictation software and Samson microphone. The software can then automatically transcribe your spoken words. Since most good content on the internet follows the conversational style, you can write really well for the web if you speak well.

3. Allow your visitors to write on your site. If your site is getting enough traffic, allowing your visitors to write on your site can be a great way to keep your site up to date. And I don’t mean allowing them to write blog comments. I am talking about letting them write an article on your site. This is also commonly known as guest blogging. They write content on your site and in return, they are allowed to put a link back to their site on the bottom of the post. You get good content, they get links. It’s a win win situation for everyone. As a side note, always review their work before publishing it to your site to check the quality of the writings.

Keeping your site updated

Most people hate writing because they are not consistent in their effort. See, writing is a skill that takes time to master, just like exercising.

If you want to be able to run consistently for 10 miles daily, can you do it without mastering the 1 mile per day challenge first? Absolutely not.

The same goes with writing. Be consistent in your effort to master content creation. Rather than committing to write 10 posts everyday, distribute your post so you write 1 posts everyday for 10 days. After that, you can increase the daily writing dose accordingly and your writing skill will eventually get better.

Avoid dumping a big chunk of content and not updating it for many years. This will not do you good in terms of SEO. Slow and consistent effort is the key in winning the SEO game.

Google loves to see your site updated frequently with fresh content and it will happily send the Google spider to crawl your site to fetch the new content.

More Google Attention = More Visitors = More Conversion = More Money

How to get more cash with content

If you master the skill of writing excellent content, then you can get more online income easily, even without having a website or doing any SEO. And I’m not kidding about this.

With your content writing mastery you can get more cash with your ability by doing the following:

1. Be a freelance writer. There are many web owners that are looking for good writers for their site and are willing to pay good amount of money for quality content. Remember earlier that I told you good content create trusts, loyalty and money? Who wouldn’t pay for good content that creates crusts, loyalty and money?

2. Be a copywriter. If you are good at writing sales letter to sell products, then be ready to take in some serious money. There are many product creators who cannot write a good sales letter and are willing to pay an expensive price for a good copywriter. Just look around the internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum to see the demand of copywriters.

3. Write ads for other marketers. If you’re good at writing short block of text that attracts readers’ attention and generate clicks, then you can consider writing a text ads for someone who is running a pay per click campaign (PPC). The conversion on any PPC campaign will largely depend on the writings that the visitors read. Any PPC marketers would want better conversion because it affects their bottom line directly.

By now you should have realized how powerful content is for the web.

If you focus on mastering the skill of content creation, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ignore it and you’ll lose everything.

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